ASH GHAZALI (b. 1975, Singapore. Lives and works in London, UK)

Ash Ghazali has been involved with creative projects for more than two decades with an acclaimed multi-disciplinary career in advertising. Ghazali is now a visual artist based in Kilburn, London.

Triggered by his interest in hip-hop, graphic design and street fashion, Ghazali’s series of “Cut Paintings” combines geometric abstraction with cultural materials from his native home of Singapore. Cutting into fabrics from traditional costumes, typically used in festive and religious ceremonies, and also painted canvases, Ghazali arranges these cut pieces in a series of folds and layers, that creates a single vertical slit down the middle of the composition. Upon closer inspection this chasm is made with disparate fabrics placed askew—subtle shifts in fabric grain and dye activate provide aesthetic pleasure; hemlines and shadows from folds and layers create bold lines.

On one level, the ‘Cut Paintings’ series focuses on the balance of materials, color and form, but they can also be read as a rupture in an otherwise perfect state — they are a reflection of Ghazali’s own dissidence and oblique perspectives.